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Science permeates every aspect of our lives, so having a basic understanding of it is essential for making good decisions about our health, our children, and our finances. Despite this, the scientific world often fails to communicate in a simple and clear manner. Intermediaries, like science communicators, need to be increasingly creative and active in order to make sure science remains at the center of our society.

As an intermediary, I work at the nexus of project management and behavior change communications. I use photojournalism, science writing, communications training and impact-focused management as my tools. I aim to help decision-makers make science-based decisions that are not in conflict with their values. My clients/employers have included NGOs, governments, international academic institutions, ecologically-minded firms, and the United Nations. For assistance, please contact me below.

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2020 | AGU Annual Conference (Zoom). Invited speaker: "Commodity-driven forest loss in Southeast Asia"

2019 | UNFCCC COP-25, Madrid. Invited panel speaker: "Gender and Climate Finance"

2017 | Indonesia Disaster Response Agency Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia. Invited speaker: "Community-Based Wildfire Control"

2015 | Indonesia Regional Science Association, Sanur, Indonesia, Invited speaker:"Making Science Effective for Policy"

2014 | APAN Climate Change Adaptation Forum, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Invited speaker: "USAID Indonesia Climate Programs"


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