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Climate change and extreme weather affect everyone: in cities and rural areas, in the north and the south, rich or poor.  With "Climate Citizens" I am documenting how climate change is affecting the citizens of the world, from every profession, political background, religion and continent.  In some cases climate change has been positive; in most it has not.  By photographing and recording personal experiences, I hope to not only incite a deeper discussion about climate change in the communities I reach, but also to help us all understand that climate change doesn't just create newsworthy disasters - it's with us, slowly changing norms every day. As I have traveled the world, I interview people about their thoughts on climate change - below each picture are small snippets from our discussions.

South Sumatra, Indonesia

"We came up with a village disaster map, showing where there are supplies of food and water, as well as where the evacuation routes are. This is important for us, as climate change is making disasters more frequent in our country every year." - participant in USAID-and FAO-sponsored farming project

Riau, Indonesia

"Every year since 1998 the fires have threatened our lands. We know climate change is making the weather dryer and less predictable. Our village works hard to patrol and prevent forest fires, so that we continue to have healthy land and clean air." - village chief in Kapbupatan Bengkalis

Belgrade, Serbia

"Our government is trying to put new regulations that would lessen climate change in place, but because of our low incomes, people still have to use coal and old vehicles. We need these vehicles to be banned, and to give help to low income households for energy." - artist and graphic illustrator

Canchi province, Peru

"The seasons always used to be predictable. For generations, we knew when it would rain, when it would be cold, when it would be dry. Now they are not. This makes growing potatoes and feeding my family harder every year." - mother and farmer

Peniche, Portugal

"For my families' restaurant, climate change hasn't been bad, yet. We sometimes get more types of fish than when I was a small child. But, we know the oceans are warming and are worried about when the bounty will end." - daughter of restaurant proprietor

Lake Titicaca, Peru

"We hear them talk about climate change on the radio. Of course we know it's real. Our seasons aren't like they used to be, the fish are different, and sometimes it rains so much it's hard to keep the islands piled with sturdy dried reeds." - fisherman of the Uru people

Curahuasi, Peru

"A warming climate has allowed my family and I to open a vineyard high in the Andes. This was never possible in the past because it was too cold. But it is also now too wet, and we struggle to harvest grapes before mold has attacked them." - owner of a new winery

Ayacucho, Peru

"Climate change is a huge worry for me and my work. We see rain coming on stronger and at strange times. Roads are flooded or destroyed, and it takes longer and is more expensive for me and the customer to get goods to their destinations." - transport company owner

Paracas, Peru

"There was a big problem with a reduced fish catch in 2015 because of the El Niño, which I think was worse due to climate change. The fishermen here weren't making much money and the restaurants had to get creative with their menus." - waiter in seaside restaurant

Lima, Peru

"I worry a lot about climate change. It's obvious in Lima - the summers get so much hotter than they used to. As a teacher, I talk to my students about how important it is to protect our environment, because it's all we have to protect us." - English teacher in training

Far Northern Mongolia

"The summers are getting longer and hotter, and grass is getting harder to find for our herds. This makes life difficult and the younger generation is all moving to the city. We are afraid our culture will die." - shaman of the Tsataan reindeer people

Lower Mustang Valley, Nepal

"I'm 60. I've lived here my whole life. I have never heard the term "climate change" but I know it's not as cold as it used to be. Crops don't grow normally. Mosquitoes were never here before. And now, people are getting sick from the heat." - farmer and weaver

Lake Khosvgol, Mongolia

"The summers are getting so warm that it is impacting our cow herds. They are getting smaller because we are struggling to give them enough feed and water. If summers like this last much longer, they'll have no food and because we depend on them, we won't either." - herder and attendee at a Naadam

Pokara, Nepal

"I understand climate change. I see it happening and I worry about our customers - so much rain means roads are dangerous and accidents will happen. The Nepal government is trying to do something - there are billboards everywhere warning people about it...but we still feel so powerless." - motorcycle guide and father

Valetta, Malta

"I know about climate change, but it doesn't really affect my job or my life yet. I have noticed that it gets really hot here in the summers, and the winters often aren't as cold. I'm only in my early 30's but I can already see that the weather has changed a lot since I was little." - bartender and jewelry designer

Plemetin, Kosovo

"I don't know what climate change is. I don't have time to watch the news - all I do is work to keep my two sons and my wife fed. But I know these old coal plants next to us make the air bad, so I don't want a third to be built - even if it means we get new homes. Our community needs help." - father and scrap metal collector

Plemetin, Kosovo

"Of course I know climate change is real: winters are getting shorter and warmer every year. I worry more about my health though because my husband died from cancer after working in the coal plant, and everyone here is sick. We don't like the coal but feel powerless to do anything about it." - housewife and widow living next to coal plant


"Climate change is one of the greatest problems of humanity - we have treated this world as a dumping ground and that needs to change. It directly impacts me now because I am a surfer and the waves are less predictable than they used to be. Big when they're supposed to be small and vice versa." - Spanish civil engineer on internship

Lombok, Indonesia

"We are switching to conservation agriculture techniques like cover cropping so that we can keep feeding our families. Climate change is making it much harder than before to keep enough moisture in the soil to grow our crops." - farmer and development project participant

Pembroke, Malta

"We see climate change because the summers are hotter. But the bigger issue is that we are an island nation, and we aren't talking about climate change enough. Things will get worse soon, and we need to prepare for that." - mayor of the coastal town of Pembroke

Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

"I'm very proud to be on the provincial fire team, but it would be better if we weren't needed. We all know that climate change is making the weather drier and then the fires become worse every year." - professional forester and firefighter

Jaisalmer, India

"Yeah, climate change is an issue, but the bigger issue is how we are treating our world...why do we waste so much, why do we live so big, why don't we care about how our lives have impacts, big and small, on others? When we don't act responsible for the planet, we all suffer." - artist and fabric store owner

Jan desert, India

"I do farming to support my husband's music career. I've never heard of climate change but I do know it's getting hotter and drier every year. It's already very hard to keep the farm going and I'm worried it will become worse soon and we will have to make difficult life decisions." - wife of famous flutist Taga Ram Bheel

Sighnaghi, Georgia

My grapes are sensitive to changes in rainfall, and I've finally gotten my vineyard going strong after many years of trial and error. We still have enough rain and snow here, but yes, I'm afraid of what climate change might mean for my business in the future." - owner of Elizbar Talakvadze vineyards

Kabul, Afghanistan

"I worry about water. The drought this year is bad, and my country is starting to get droughts almost every year. Of course it is then hard to run my farm -water and food become expensive for me and my animals." - businesswoman and quail farm owner

Borneo, Indonesia

"Yes, we know climate change is real and killing our communities. The rain often comes late or only briefly, meaning the land behind us is always on fire, making us sick, and hurting our crops. We need help." -English teacher at village school, kapbupatan Barito Selatan

Gergeti, Georgia

"I've lived here in the mountains my entire life. The climate is clearly changing: the winter is no longer so cold, which means fewer skiers, and less money from tourism for my community. I hope the government helps us adapt before it's too late." - inn owner and repairman

Bamyan province, Afghanistan

"Climate change is having devastating affects on my country: water is scarce, crops aren't growing, and neighbors are fighting with each other more over natural resources, making ethnic tensions worse. I'm scared for the future." - middle school agriculture teacher

Sofia, Bulgaria

"My friends and I worry about climate change and what it means for our future. I've seen how the smog has gotten worse in winter' I don't know why, but I think the warmer winter weather has something to do with it." - legal advisor and environmental advocate

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"When it gets hotter every summer and then colder every winter, the pavement cracks more, making it harder for us to take care of these grounds. It's very clear the climate is changing and making life more complex. - guard at old Olympic complex

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"The summers are getting hotter, the winters are getting colder. It wasn't like this before or during the war, but it's become worse since. It doesn't change my job, but it makes days like today tougher than before." - tour guide and survivor of Sarajevo siege

Budapest, Hungary

"Our president János Áder speaks about climate change frequently...but that's not enough. Mostly I worry about how what we are doing to the planet will affect my 12-year old daughter in her future." - English literature PhD and professional translator

Tallinn, Estonia

"I drive this carriage for extra cash on weekends, but my day job is much harder, and hotter. I know climate change is real - the summers are getting so warm. I don't really think about how it will affect me, but that might soon change." - horse cab driver and factory worker

Lake Natron, Tanzania

"My people don't talk about climate change the way you do, but we do see the summers getting longer and drier. Sometimes we are afraid the herds will run out of good food." - tour guide and Maasai herder

Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan

There are more and more droughts each year. We worry about them all the time because then feed prices go up and we can't feed our animals...or our families." - farmer and women's livestock group member

Tallinn, Estonia

"Homo sapiens has messed up the planet for all other species and anything we do to turn around climate change now probably is far too little and far too late." - graduate student, teacher, artist

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